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A Grass Roots Organization Devoted to Promoting Citizen Action to Return to Limited, Constitutional Government.

We remain committed to advancing the repeal of Obamacare.

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Some of our previous speakers:

Expert on the Obamacare Legislation
Dr. Mark Berg, MD
10th Congressional District GOP State Central Member (Now Delegate elect from the 29th Virginia House of Delegates District)

Historical Interpreter
James Renwick Manship

Acorn Whistleblower
Anita MonCrief

US Senate Candidate
EW Jackson 

US Senate Candidate
David McCormick 

US Senate Candidate
Tim Donner 

Prince WIlliam County Chairman
Corey Stewart 

Chairman Emeritus of the Virginia Federation of Tea Party Patriots,
Jamie Radtke
and former US Senate Candidate from Virginia 

Lt. Col. Douglas Macregor US Army (ret) author of Warriors Rage

Listing here does not constitute endorsement.

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April 15, 2009 Tax Day Tea Party

Historical Interpreter, James Renwick Manship
as General George Washington, circa 1767

912 March on Washington

3/26/2012 Hands Off My Healthcare Rally

H3/26/2012 Hands Off My Healthcare Rally

3/26/2012 Hands Off My Healthcare Rally

912 March on Washington

April 15, 2009 Tax Day Tea Party


08/2012 Pitchfork Protest to Save Liberty Farm

Tea Party Candidate Eric Cary  Addressing Northern Virginia Tea Party in Arlington Virginia

Tea Party Patriots 
Alexandria Tea Party

Arlington CountyTea Party

Fair Lakes Area Tea Party

Manassas Tea Party

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